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May 25, 2006
posted by David Meigs at 5/25/2006 10:00:00 AM
Billy was an example of someone whose needs were huge. It was unrealistic for me to expect him to overcome his dysfunctions overnight.

“So..., why did you use Billy as an example? His life wasn’t changed...”

“Thank you, disembodied voice; you make a most excellent point, as always. But you are wrong. Albeit on the most basic of levels, Billy began a relationship with God. And my point is that it took a dozen minor victories to get him there.”

Freedom is like this....

Imagine a man with a heavy iron ball chained to his ankle. He is free to move about within the limit of his shackles. To venture beyond his circle of freedom, he must lift and carry the ball.

People are like that. The greater the emotional trauma, the more difficult it is for them to be set free. Someone less battered by this fallen-world may have no tether at all.

Jesus accepts each of us, the way He finds us, warts and all. The Holy Spirit begins the process of renewing our minds. Over time, God reveals our hearts to us, like peeling an onion, one layer at a time.

God’s truth tears down the false perceptions created by our pasts. Once out of the box, truth alters our reality. All life changes are won, one step at a time.

The cool thing is we can do this through fiction. Today’s point might seem minor, but in reality, it’s huge.

My goal, as a ministry minded writer is to help my readers move their own iron-ball forward. The mental images we create in our fiction are a powerful delivery system for life-changing truth.

I’ve discovered simple keys to unlocking some of life’s greatest emotional strongholds. I intend to share some of these silver bullets with you over the next week or two.

We will pick up this topic again soon.

Next week I want to highlight some books I’ve been reading.


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At Thursday, May 25, 2006, Blogger Rulan

It sure does take time and it takes courage and determination. It takes a burning desire to be free. And it takes trust. Trust in the Lord and trust in a friend. It also takes love. Love from the Father and unconditional love from a friend.

Looking forward to read the next part.
Have a great day and God bless you.


At Thursday, May 25, 2006, Blogger Gina Burgess

Sometimes, it seems to me, that the ball is glued to the floor.


At Thursday, May 25, 2006, Blogger The Curmudgeon's Rant

Rulan & Gina,

Thanks for stopping by. Isn’t it cool that our God is patient? We’d be toast.


At Thursday, May 25, 2006, Blogger Bonnie Calhoun

Soemtimes we don't see a change in people until the cost of remaining the same, outweighs the cost of change!


At Thursday, May 25, 2006, Blogger The Curmudgeon's Rant

That sounds like the story of my life.


At Friday, May 26, 2006, Blogger K. Jimmy

hmm...and amen to what gina said!


At Friday, May 26, 2006, Blogger The Curmudgeon's Rant


And, I say AMEN to everything Gina says.


At Tuesday, May 30, 2006, Blogger K. Jimmy

"hmm" simply means im thinking now and it will be some time before i can put words around my thoughts! picture an ancient academic wearing a tweed coat, spectacles and smoking a pipe, stroking his beard while lost deep in thought...thats me...though why im old and a man i dont know...its just a picture! oh, see, this is what happens when people want more out of me than a "hmm...."!! ha ha


At Tuesday, May 30, 2006, Blogger K. Jimmy

ps i dont smoke pipes either...or anything else...except the occasional piece of bread left too long in the toaster...


At Tuesday, May 30, 2006, Blogger The Curmudgeon's Rant

Karen, I enjoy a nice bubble pipe and wearing tweed pimp hats with giant plumes. I’m old (ancient really) and I wear specs to give me the illusion (delusion?) of being brainy. Oh, and I smoke toast too!

About the hmm. I’ve found little written about crafting fiction to change lives. I hope my scribblings will spark interest in the topic.