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July 26, 2005
posted by David Meigs at 7/26/2005 12:22:00 PM

A hundred other beauties in the room, and I fell for the one with danger written all over her. She stared back at me, daring me, taunting me to hold her. I strolled straight up until we stood, face to face. Without saying a word, I spun her around, taking in every delicious detail. Oh, I knew her kind a mile off. She wouldn’t be ignored for a moment, demanding my full attention. This one was sure to cheat me out of my badly needed sleep.

I’m talking about the new crime thriller by Chris Well, Forgiving Solomon Long. Every bookstore in the county was out, and I had to drive to the BIG big-city to find it. I got the last copy, and grinned all the way home.

Forgiving Solomon Long is a page turner from cover to cover. Chris Well’s writing style is tight, fast paced and rewarding. With the stroke of a master, he paints his characters with vivid detail. From the mob boss Fat Cat Catalano, to his imported hit-man Solomon “Solo” Long, this book uncovers the dark-underbelly of the Mafia.

Like vampires, Fat Cat and his cronies were leaching every drop of the community’s life-blood. All that stood in their way was a small alliance of locals, led by the Reverend Fresno. Nobody was going to stand in Catalano’s way. With the aid of his hit-man, he’d pin his warning to their corpse with a nail-gun.

Detective Tom Griggs was determined to see Fat Cat behind bars, or six feet under if that’s what it came to. The problem was Detective Griggs didn’t know whom to trust. Fat Cat’s claws sank deep inside the department, and only God knew how far the corruption went. It seemed that nothing could stand in his way, when...

You’ll have to go to the bookstore to get the rest of the story. You won’t be sorry!

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At Tuesday, July 26, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous

David, you are a nut!


At Tuesday, July 26, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous

Your a chip off the old block!