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August 01, 2005
posted by David Meigs at 8/01/2005 03:00:00 PM

“Hi Daddy!”

That’s all I could hear. Not the cheering crowds. Not even the first blasts of her guitar.

My hand shot up, and I waved back. My chest never stuck out so far!

Daddy? Yep, that’s me!

World, this is my baby girl!

I’m so proud of you sweetie!

I’ve heard her sing that song on the front steps, on the hood of the car, and a half dozen other places, but it never sounded as good as up on that stage. Each note was perfect; each guitar strum added its voice in perfect harmony.

Yesterday was the local festival of festivals down at the waterfront. They call it “whaling days”, but from the sounds of some of the other talent show contestants, it might have been better labeled “wailing daze”. Anthony Haung (spelling) would have been proud. I thought a pincher bug had crawled up one contestant’s pant leg. Those screeches could not be human... Not without the help of strategically placed electrodes. Hmmm?

My 23 year old baby girl gave the performance of performances. She dazzled the crowd. She dazzled Dad. She dazzled the judges, but not enough to win. Bummer. Hey, she beat out a few hundred other contestants to make the cut. That’s not bad!

You did good honey!

You made daddy proud!


At Monday, August 01, 2005, Anonymous The kid

so wonderful to hear the pride of a dad. It's the kind of pride that speaks of the Fathers love.
Your baby girl looks beautiful.
You made me chuckle as you told of some of the other contestants. Great discriptions. lol
Great blog.


At Wednesday, August 03, 2005, Blogger Caolinn

Your daughter is absolutley beautiful. I bet it's wonderful to hear her sing.

Thank you for the comment, it was my first Blogger comment. :)



At Thursday, August 04, 2005, Blogger The Curmudgeon's Rant

Caolinn, & the Kid...

Thanks for stopping by. Yup, she’s a keeper. She gets her looks from her mother’s side. You know, I know and she knows (everyone knows) that she’s twenty three, but to me she’s still the newborn baby that batted her eyes at me the first time I held her. Then she poked her tiny tongue at me, and I went down for the count. I loved her so bad it hurt. Still do.


At Thursday, August 04, 2005, Blogger Jim

Your daughter looks like she's having a great time, doing what she loves doing. Makes me miss the good old days traveling cross-country with my band.

Jim. (jimcee2005)


At Thursday, August 04, 2005, Blogger Caolinn

That is so sweet, I can't imagine loving another being, aside from God, that much. Sometimes it seems that it would almost be frightening.

I know what it is like to have a strong, strange love for an animal, but that is about it. Fey is her name and I raised her with my own hands since she was 2 weeks old, still needing milk. The poor thing was in bad shape and abandoned. If my heart comes ever so close to breaking at the thought of this anmial being hurt, it must be even deeper and worse when it comes to your own son or daughter.



At Thursday, August 04, 2005, Blogger The Curmudgeon's Rant

Jim – thanks for the kind words. It’s so nice to have you visit!


At Thursday, August 04, 2005, Blogger The Curmudgeon's Rant

Caolinn - Fey is a great name for a furry friend! You didn’t say what kind of animal she is??? I’m hoping she is an orangutan you found abandoned on your last safari to the rain forest. Is she? I got to know!


At Sunday, August 07, 2005, Blogger Michelle Pendergrass

My how the time flies, eh?

She's gorgeous. And I love that she still calls you "Daddy"

A whole spiritual lesson in and of itself. ;)


At Monday, August 08, 2005, Blogger The Curmudgeon's Rant

Thanks Michelle!

She's a keeper!


At Monday, August 15, 2005, Blogger BHGA

Nothng beats making a father proud....what a sweetie she is....and so beautiful!!! Love your blog....stop by and visit me...